The Wedding After Party!

Traditionally, the day of your wedding consists of the ceremony and the reception, and then the bride and groom take off for their honeymoon. But who says the party has to end with the reception? For those couples that want the party to go on, try out some of these after party ideas!

1.  Bridal Bowling – Everybody loves a good game of bowling! And it is a fantastic way to have one last shebang with your bridal party before you depart for you honeymoon!

2.  Karaoke!! Whether you’re the next Kelly Clarkson or the next William Hung, everyone is fully capable of putting on a fabulous karaoke performance. This could either be for the bridal party, or an opportunity for more of your guests to have a great time! If you wanted to hang out longer at your reception site, you could always rent a karaoke machine for more reception entertainment!!

3.  Arcade After Party – Heading out to an arcade could be perfect if you have a lot of younger guests… or older guests that just love arcades! Find an arcade that suits your party. For example, Chuck E. Cheese might be a little young for a sophisticated, upscale wedding. Arcades are for those couples and guests that want a fun and family friendly environment. :)

4. Theme Park – For those that live close to a theme park, it might be a fun idea to take your bridal party off for some good old fashioned fun! Cotton candy, roller coasters, and some funny pictures!

All of this goes to show that if you feel like doing something different for your wedding reception, you can! It’s your wedding, party the way you want to!