The Pinterest World of Weddings

color paletteOkay, I’ll admit it… I’m a Pinterest addict! I love pinning new recipes, finding new fashion ideas, discovering crafty ways to decorate, and looking at the cute little animals. :) And yes, I could easily spend hours looking at all of the wedding pictures and ideas. But when it comes to actually planning your wedding, there are some tips you want to keep in mind while looking at Pinterest for ideas.

During an appointment at Charlotte’s we have an interview time where we talk all about what you’re looking for. This is the time when most brides will show pictures of dress styles they like or what they are planning on decorating with. It helps your consultant get an idea of your wedding style and the details you’re interested in for your wedding gown. A good number of the pictures we see are pins from the wedding section on Pinterest.

Sometimes brides encounter problems when they become stuck on a specific dress they see on Pinterest. great gatsbyDon’t get me wrong, Pinterest is great for ideas and showing your consultant what style you like for a dress. But what you want to keep in mind is that a lot of the dresses on Pinterest are custom made. Whether it is a custom strap, train length, veil, etc., you want to have it be just an idea for you.

When looking at dresses online, whether it’s Pinterest or any other website, it’s most helpful to look for the style of dress you like and not necessarily a specific dress. There are several problems that can arise when you have your mind set on a dress you found online. You might not like the dress on you, it could be a custom dress or discontinued (making it very hard or impossible to find!), and everything looks different online. I have helped brides who specifically ask to try on a dress they saw online but then quickly realize that it is completely different than what they thought.

dessert tableYou also want to keep in mind what your wedding is going to be like. You might see a picture of a beautiful lace, sheath style dress with a key hole back in a rustic barn wedding, but that style might not necessarily work for your elegant church ceremony. And don’t forget… this is your wedding day!  This is THE most important dress you’ll ever wear, so don’t you want something that really reflects your personal style, and something that’s different than every other bride?

At Charlotte’s, we highly recommend looking at bridal magazines, designer websites, our online bridal gallery (create your favorites list today!), and Pinterest to get ideas for the style of wedding dress (as well as the style of wedding) you think you want for your big day.  :) But we also ask that you keep an open mind so that we can help you take those ideas and dreams and turn them into a reality… by finding you your perfect wedding dress!

Happy Pinning!