The Importance of a Good Wedding Photographer

When considering your wedding budget I would highly recommend spending a little more on your photographer. You will have these pictures forever so you want someone who is experienced and knowledgable. They don’t necessarily need a photography degree, but make sure to research them and look up their past weddings. Ask for an example album at your meeting with them. Make sure not all of their photos are the same. You don’t want to just have the cookie cutter wedding photos. You want unique photos that really represent you and your fiance as a couple.

I just got married and I had two photographers at my wedding. They have more of a photojournalism style, and it’s a husband and wife team. The wife does all of the posed photos and the husband does the candid shots. They were so much fun! We used the whole grounds of the venue and went out to take more photos when the sun was setting to get better views. I loved the shots they got and am so excited to have these photos to remember our special day!

The average budget for wedding photography is $1800-$2500 if you want someone all day. Sometimes they will include prints or other offers or just give you a cd of all of the photos that you can print at your own cost. Most of the time making the prints yourself will save you a lot of money. If you print on the luster or matte finish that is what the photographers will use. The photos look fabulous and won’t break the bank.

Remember, your wedding photos are the memories captured at your wedding that will last a lifetime!  If you live in the Portland area and are looking for a great wedding photographer, check out David Barss Photography, Charlotte’s Weddings Preferred Wedding Photographer.  And if you really want to capture every minute of your special day, Hybrid Moon Video Productions can help make the perfect wedding video, so you can relive your wedding day whenever you want. :)

Happy planning!!


Photos courtesy of  Vivid Life Images