The Glowing, Expectant Bride

Tiff pic 1One of my favorite things about working at a bridal shop is not only seeing gorgeous gowns all day, but occasionally getting to try them on! But as my husband and I are expecting our first baby, it’s become a bit more difficult to just slip one on. :) Like any normal woman it’s been hard enough seeing my body drastically change, let alone imagine myself feeling pretty in a stunning gown! But to my surprise, even with a million clips in the back rigged to fit around my growing baby bump, I felt beautiful and looked it too! I was shocked at how many gowns still look awesome on my expanding frame as I approach 7 months pregnant. So this brings me to this blog….A pregnant bride can look just as beautiful on her big day, and not just while wearing an unflattering, frumpy gown!

Some women have the mistaken thought that they have very limited choices as a pregnant bride, but the right bridal consultant will know the correct questions to ask to make your experience just as great as if you weren’t expecting. Brides who will be getting married in the earlier months of their pregnancy may not have as many problems finding something that will be an easy fit as opposed to someone who is further along and may need to make more changes. That is why being honest and comfortable with your consultant is very important!Tiff pic 2

My biggest surprise was seeing how many fitted gowns actually still looked great formed around my baby belly. So don’t be afraid of showing it off if you want to! Just because your body is no longer the shape it used to be, doesn’t mean you can’t still wear that trumpet or mermaid fit you’d always imagined yourself in. It is all about finding an experienced seamstress who knows how to properly construct the gown around you. Also, having a knowledgeable bridal consultant can make the whole process go a lot smoother. They will discuss with you about your current shape and upcoming changes to help you choose the correct size. This is also based off of the gown style and how far along you will be on your big day. Each woman’s body changes so differently and can be unpredictable, so even after thoroughly deciding your estimated size you will still need alterations. If you aren’t the bride who wants to flaunt that belly, opt for an empire waist style gown. This shape will show off your bust and waist, but will allow a lot of easy movement in the belly and skirt area. Try to find something that has detailing around the bust or neckline to draw the attention up to your face, rather than your midsection. Gowns with intricate or attractive straps can also elongate the body and flatter your collarbone, bringing the attention up.

Regardless of the shape, find a fabric that is still comfortable for you to wear for a long period of time. This is one day where comfort is key, and when you’re pregnant it’s even more important! A lot of empire waist styles are made in lightweight and flowy chiffon. This fabric is breathable and will allow for the most movement. While wearing a more fitted gown, try for a non-constricting lace or thinner satin fabrics. They’re still lightweight, but these fabrics have a bit more structure to form to all of your curves.

Don’t feel limited in your choices as a pregnant bride.  It’s our job at Charlotte’s to make you look and feel beautiful on your special day, and as an expectant bride you have twice the amount of bridal glow! :)