Should You Involve Children on Your Wedding Day?

flower girlsA common topic when planning your wedding is the involvement of children on the big day. When considering this couples should ask themselves: Should children be in the wedding party and should they be invited to the wedding?

It is impossible not to smile when you see the flower girls and ring bearers walking down the aisle.  They are usually one of the most memorable features of the wedding, however they are sometimes forgotten about until the last minute.  When planning their outfits, typically we try to match the flower girl and ring bearer to the theme of the wedding.  There is a lot to think about when it comes to this.  I suggest thinking about the style of the wedding.  Is it rustic, beachy, elegant, indoors, outdoors, etc.?  It is also common to compliment the bride’s gown in some way.  The traditional white and ivory dress is always a winner. Comfort is commonly overlooked and should be the most important thing when finding them outfits.  Plus, they will look better and feel much happier.  You won’t see them fiddling and pulling on their clothes.  I won’t advocate letting them pick their own outfits but let them have some say to showcase their individuality.

kids tableA lot of the focus of the wedding goes to making sure the guests are happy and having fun. Children have very short attention spans, especially in a formal atmosphere.  Something as simple as creating a “craft table” for kids will keep them busy and happy. You can copy what the restaurants do and cover the table with craft paper then place a jar of crayons on top.  Having a kids table is always a go-to solution, but maybe have it a little further away from the adults so it can seem like they are more independent.

For dinner, consider offering a ”kid’s meal” option, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, spaghetti, chicken tenders or other kid-friendly foods.

Many people have different opinions on whether it is beneficial to have children at the wedding.  If it is planned ahead of time and done right there should be no reason not to invite them.  One of the best parts of having the kids at the wedding is to see them on the dance floor. If you present the wedding as a fun celebration and not a serious obligation they will have a fun experience at the wedding.