Shopping for your Bridesmaid & MOB Dresses

It is the end of summer, which is so hard to believe! A lot of people are coming into the shop with last minute details that they are trying to complete before the wedding day. Multiple times a day moms and bridesmaids walk into the store needing a dress. When we ask them when the wedding is, they usually say something like, “the end of the month” or “two weeks from now.” But people don’t realize we have to order our dresses. We get phone calls fairly regularly asking if we have specific sizes and colors of certain bridesmaid dresses. Sometimes we actually do, but again we have to order our bridesmaid dresses and we don’t have every dress in every size and all of the colors in the store.

When it comes to Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses, the same rules apply. We order these dresses. Again, we don’t have every dress in the store and if we do we will only have one size and color.  We would then measure you to order your correct size and show you our color swatches to help you choose a color.


At Charlotte’s, we do our best to keep in contact with our designers so we are able to know how quickly we can order these dresses. If it is possible, we can rush dresses up to a certain period of time before the wedding date. Unfortunately, there comes a point where there is simply nothing we are able to do. The designer sets the shipping dates and has a process on their end in order to get a dress made. Sometimes if the wedding (or event) is too soon, they aren’t able to fulfill the order in time. There really does come a point where even the best possible rush isn’t quick enough and unfortunately that is out of our hands.

You might be wondering how you can avoid all of this. The best way to avoid a short window of time to order these dresses or a rush fee is to start shopping early! When you first get engaged, come up with a plan for when you want to get married. That will give you enough time to shop and create a timeline so you are sure to get your bridesmaid and mother of dresses ordered in time. Pay attention to the timelines for weddings, they are there to help you! Your actual wedding dress will take a lot longer than bridesmaid and mother of dresses. But keep in mind that they both take around three to five months to order.

mom dress

Every bride that comes into Charlotte’s for an appointment to try on wedding gowns is given a “Welcome Packet.” In that Welcome Packet comes everything you will need to plan your wedding. There is a timeline of when you should order bridesmaid, flower girl and mother of dresses. Follow that timeline, you will be able to avoid rush fees and have your dresses here on time!