Registering for Your Wedding Gifts

I just recently registered for my wedding gifts, so in doing research to prepare I wanted to know the average cost and what the most popular wedding gifts are. These are the things that I found out that helped me when going through and scanning items, and hopefully they’ll help you when you’re registering. :)

Register for a variety of price points: Under $50, under $100, under $150 and over $200. Everyone has a price point in mind of what they want to spend on a wedding gift. The average cost to spend is $75. Most say to judge how your relationship with the couple is when choosing a gift to buy. As the engaged couple,  you’ll want to register for the most gifts in the $50 and under price point. Those will be for bridal showers or people that may not be able spend as much on a wedding present.

Let’s say you are expecting 200 people at your wedding. You should register for almost twice as many gifts as the guests you invited. Here is an example of how the gifts should be broken down by price point: 110 items $50 and under, 75 items $51-1$00, 40 items $101-$150, and 25 items $151 and up. Having higher priced items are great for friends that want to do a group gift for the couple and for close friends and family members.

Always register together as a couple. You and your fiancé will have different ideas of what you want.  Registering is your opportunity to get good quality items that you would not normally go out and buy for yourself. I know that when we were registering it took my fiancé a little while before he stopped looking at the price tags and just had fun! Obviously you will not get everything you register for, but don’t be afraid to choose items that would be a “splurge” in your everyday life.  These are gifts, after all, that your friends and family want to give you to celebrate your new life as a married couple. :)  But don’t go too crazy… Don’t register for things that you’ll never use, or things that aren’t your style. If you and your fiancé don’t and will not have formal gatherings you probably don’t need to register for a crystal punch bowl or lots of china and crystal that will just collect dust or stay in the box they came in.

Some of the most popular things couple register for are: Kitchenaid mixer, coffee maker (Keurig), matching kitchen small appliances, pots and pans sets, Tupperware, and luggage.

Online ordering: Most guests at your wedding will not want to walk in with a big, bulky gift so they might order something online and have it sent to your home. After all, we live in a digital age and we all know online shopping is convenient (and addictive!).

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right gift it’s always safe to give cash so the couple can spend the money how they see fit. They can buy some of the things they didn’t get for their registry or put the money towards the honeymoon. And if the couple is registered at Macy’s  can put money in the “dream fund” that goes to a master gift card to the department store.

I hope this helps you out and gives you a few tips on registering for your own wedding. :)

Happy scanning,