Pamper Yourself Before Your Wedding Day: Get a Facial!

My friends and I frequently joke about how bad I am at being a girl. I didn’t learn how to flatiron my hair until I was 27. I learned how to dress well from Pinterest. I got my first pedicure at age 29. Last week, I added another first to my list: I got a facial! As part of a “treating ourselves” weekend, my mom and I went to our local Ulta for their microzone facials, and I loved it! All three aspects of my experience were fantastic: process, value, and effects.

The actual appointment was great. When I called for the appointment, the salon at Ulta was able to get us in the very next morning. My esthetician, Megan was fantastic. She asked me some questions about my lifestyle, make-up, and skincare routine, had me lay down on the salon table, and took a couple minutes to just look at my skin (I had no makeup on, so it was a scary sight! Plus, I’m one of those people who loves having someone else play with my hair, skin, nails, whatever). Megan used various cleansers, exfoliators, masks, and moisturizers on me. A couple tingled, but nothing burned or felt harsh. She talked us through everything she used and why. Because I’m one of those lucky adults who still deals with oily skin and acne, she was able to recommend an oil absorbing moisturizer that will let me wear the makeup I have to while preserving my skin and keeping it young.

These facials are an incredible value, just $20 for 20 minutes (although I think mine ended up being closer to 30)! There are 5 different kinds: Flash Exfoliation, Skin Soothing, Eye Rescue, Blackhead Relief, and AGE Repair. Since this was my first facial, I had no idea which type to pick. I still have acne, so that one? But now I’m 30, my skin isn’t as fresh as it was…. Fortunately, Megan was so savvy that she was able to customize my facial so that it ended up using elements of a number of the options. I just laid back and enjoyed the ride.

Finally, how did it work? Great! Yes, my face was a little red for a couple hours afterwards, but fortunately, I was in Ulta and just stepped up my makeup a little before I left. For the rest of the week my face felt soft and looked fresh and clean. I had no breakouts or irritation from the facial; in fact, my face looked so good, I cut my usual makeup routine in half for the next few days!

Your face makes your first impression so before your wedding, your daughter’s wedding, your friend’s wedding, or just because you need 20 minutes of pampering, these facials are an awesome treat. In fact, I loved it so much, I’ve decided I need to treat myself at least once a month and I encourage every woman to do the same!