New Trend: Vintage Tropical

I love weddings!  Lately, I have seen a lot of brides with similar wedding themes and styles.  So whenever something new and exciting pops up, I get intrigued and want to know more.  Only a few brides have talked about a “vintage tropical” themed wedding.vintage tropical

Okay I’ll admit it, I made this theme up.  I just took it from parts of what brides are talking about doing.  From what I’ve heard and seen, it is pretty self-explanatory.  The vintage style is very in right now, so I thought it was cool to see a different spin on it.

Vintage themed weddings are all about lace, antiques, finger wave curls, slim cuts, pastels and birdcage veils.  Tropical/Beachy weddings consist of lightweight and flowy dresses, bright colors, Hawaiian flowers and of course the beach.

What I love about this theme is that it mixes two completely different styles and makes one unique wedding.  But there is a fine line between mixing these two styles seamlessly and going overboard.  The trick is to incorporate small elements of each style into your wedding so you don’t end up going overboard with your creativeness.

Vintage style dresses have a very unique look to them.  What I love is seeing brides do a vintage-type dress and have their bridesmaids wear vintage looking dresses as well.  Then they add a tropical flare to the wedding through their colors, flowers and decorations.011ddf696c595c48ac321b469476d7c8

You could also do vintage and antique tropical decorations.  Some examples could be: really old tiki torches, or painting tropical décor so it has a vintage feel to it.  Even your dress can be a mix of the two styles.  You could do a vintage looking lace dress but carry a bouquet of Hawaiian tropical flowers.  Or wear a birdcage veil and put some awesome bright tropical flowers in your hair too.  The possibilities are endless.

I think my favorite part about this style is how the two are complete opposites.  When thinking of vintage, I think of a rustic setting outdoors maybe in a field or a barn.  I love the idea of taking a vintage wedding and putting it on the beach.  These types of dresses are typically already lightweight, so the weight of the dress can transition easily to a hot beach setting.

Keep those creative ideas going and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next trend setter!

- Robin