Fun Ways to Ask Your Friends to be Bridesmaids in Your Wedding!

BM cardYou’ve got the man, the ring, the date and the venue. Next on the list is choosing your wedding party!! Every bride is different, so however you decide to ask your friends should be something that represents you! Brides are getting more and more creative with how they ask their friends to be their bridesmaids. Here are some of my favorites!

1. Drink Up! – There are a lot of great websites and easy ways to print your own wine bottle label. I had a bride that did this during her bridal appointment. She handed out wine bottles with custom labels on them. The labels had cute little love notes asking each girl to be a bridesmaid. It was adorable!

bm wine2. Love Notes – Tell your sister, best friend, cousin, future sister-in-law, or whomever you’re asking how you feel about them. Some brides write poetry, some decide to retell the story of their relationship with the bridesmaid, and some decide to make a funny love note. Whatever you decide to say in the letter, make sure to remember to end it with “will you be my bridesmaid”?

propose to bm3. Propose – Now it’s your turn to propose! Get a box and put a note in the top of it… And don’t forget the ring!

4. Custom Cookies – A cute note on a cookie. Need I say more? We’re girls, we love cookies!

5. Use the Movie – Put a cute little note inside the DVD for Bridesmaids. It’s easy, adorable, and you don’t have to do much decorating.  Plus, you can pop the DVD in after and turn it into a girl’s night. :)

6. Make a Photobook – For you scrap-bookers out there, this one is fun! You can either make a scrapbook or a photo album online filled with pictures and memories from your relationship with the bridesmaid. I’m a huge fan of scrapbooking so this would be so much fun for me! cookie bm

7. Jewelry – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? What better way to ask your bridesmaid than with a pretty necklace that you want her to wear on your wedding day? Some brides like to have jewelry with the bridesmaid’s initials on it, their name, or the wedding date. There are so many options, and it doesn’t have to be a real diamond. ;)

 bm jewelryThere are so many options out there and different creative ways to ask your friends to be part of your wedding. This will be just another memory that will last a lifetime, so make it special and personalized for you and your friends!  The Wedding Cottage is a great local spot to find fun little gifts and craft ideas for your wedding party.  And once you’ve asked everyone to be in your party, come to Charlotte’s and start shopping for your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses!