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Why you should consider wearing a colored wedding dress?

July 1, 2015
metallic bridesmaids pink dress blog 2Would you consider wearing a pink dress on your wedding day?  In the past, anything other than a white or ivory dress was considered nontraditional or even taboo.  But recently this perception has changed.  In fact blush, pink and nude tones have become the most popular wedding trends. They started as popular bridesmaid colors and […]

Shopping Tips for Moms

June 1, 2015
114919_017_Hero_mother_of_the_bride_dresses_2014Moms are often so busy helping the bride prepare for her wedding that they forget about themselves. But moms need to look fabulous on the wedding day too! Here are some tips to help moms shop for their dress. Often we hear mothers say they want to wait to lose weight for the wedding before trying […]

The History of Wedding Traditions

March 19, 2015
ringsEver wonder why or how something came to be a tradition? The origins and meaning behind some of our most cherished wedding traditions may surprise you.  Here are some ancient traditions you may find fun to learn about and that you may want to incorporate into your wedding. In the old days, wedding dresses were […]

8 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

February 10, 2015
bride eatingYes, you can maintain your fitness and weight loss goals for your big day. If you are a winter bride or your wedding isn’t until this summer, these 8 tips will have you feeling your best on your big day while not depriving yourself of those yummy foods all year long. Dress Your Best I […]

The Process After Your Wedding Dress is Ordered

January 20, 2015
wedding dressA very common occurrence in the wedding dress world is brides having a difficult time understanding the whole process of purchasing a wedding dress. You come in for an appointment, find your perfect dress and then it is ordered.  So what else could there possibly be to do? This will help you understand the process […]

To Steam or Not to Steam

January 6, 2015
steamed gownShould you have your wedding gown steamed? That seems to be the question a lot of brides are asking recently. Here are some reasons why you we think you should definitely have your wedding dress steamed before your big day. First, let’s start by talking about your wedding dress arriving to Charlotte’s. The designer of […]

7 Ways for Perfect Skin on Your Big Day

January 1, 2015
faceWhen it comes to your wedding day you have everything planned perfectly to the last detail, including your overall beauty plan. Every bride wants perfect skin on her big day and in her photos. You don’t have to spend tons of money on expensive products to have great skin.  In fact, the best way to […]

Shopping for your Bridesmaid & MOB Dresses

August 1, 2014
114919_017_Hero_mother_of_the_bride_dresses_2014It is the end of summer, which is so hard to believe! A lot of people are coming into the shop with last minute details that they are trying to complete before the wedding day. Multiple times a day moms and bridesmaids walk into the store needing a dress. When we ask them when the […]

Arriving for Your Bridal Appointment

July 29, 2014
woman running with clock in hand, LateYour appointment time is set for 12:30pm. When do you arrive? Normally, for any other appointment you would want to arrive early, for example 12:15. But the bridal world is a bit different. You don’t necessarily need to arrive early for your appointment. Let me explain. At Charlotte’s, we book bridal appointments in an hour […]

Common Mistakes of Summer Brides

July 26, 2014
various colored folding hand-held fansIt is always good to be prepared and have everything planned out to a “T” for your wedding. Of course, it is always best to have a wedding planner to help you with everything so you are not stressing on your big day. However, we are human and we forget things. From my experience as […]