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Marry Me Bridal Show and Gown Sale!

January 14, 2017
palletHappy New Year! In the bridal world, January means that wedding show season is upon is, and it is prime time for gown shopping to begin. Many of our brides have gotten engaged during this holiday season, so what better time to start shopping for wedding gowns, and getting a head start with wedding planning? […]

Wedding Trend Watch 2017

snapchat-wedding-geofilter-xobespoke-1With the start of the New Year, we anxiously await for the summer and all the wedding trends that will come along with wedding season.  To get prepared for what is sure to be another exciting year in the wedding world, I scoured the internet in search of what is bound to be this year’s […]

DIY Brides’ Top 10 Websites to Shop

cutetapePlanning a DIY wedding can be a fun and creative process that gives your wedding a unique and personal touch. However, it can be daunting finding the perfect materials and items for the theme of your wedding. And when you do find the perfect materials, how do you know that you are getting the best […]

What is a trunk show?

December 11, 2016
venita-msWith summer weddings fast approaching, January through March becomes our busiest time here at Charlotte’s Weddings & More!  With busy season also come a lot of fun events like bridal shows, and most excitingly— trunk shows!  You’ve probably seen the words “trunk show” and wondered what exactly that means, so read on to be in […]

Have you thought about having an unplugged wedding?

December 5, 2016
wedding-sign-unplugged-wedding-posterYour big day is finally here, and you’re walking down the aisle.  Your heart is racing, and you can’t wait to see how he looks in his tux… but wait…. where is he?  You can’t see him past the multitudes of people standing and peeking over the aisles to get a pic on their cell […]

Designer Spotlight: Sincerity Bridal

December 1, 2016
500_250_scaled_413689_1576_sinceritylogoimage  Romantic. Classic. Fun. These are just a few words to capture the essence of the latest bridal designs you will find in the Spring 2017 collection by Sincerity Bridal. Sincerity Bridal is one of the designers exclusive to Charlotte’s Weddings & More in the Portland metro area, and our brides already love the new […]

Bridal Separates

November 15, 2016
weddingFinding your perfect wedding gown is such a fun and exciting part of planning your wedding day!  It can be hard sometimes as you work to find the gown that fits your criteria, makes you feel like a bride all while remaining unique and true to your style.  That’s where the trend of bridal separates […]

Financing Your Bridal Dreams

November 1, 2016
eva_seventhstem-20% Interest Financing Now Available One of the biggest concerns I hear from brides and their families is the rising costs of weddings. As a former bride, and an avid couponer, I can certainly attest to the burden of planning your dream wedding while being conscious of not breaking the bank. Here at Charlotte’s, brides can now finance […]

Say “I Do” in the Perfect Shoe

September 21, 2016
idoshoesTop 10 Websites for Bridal Shoes Sometimes finding the perfect bridal shoe can be even harder than finding the perfect wedding gown. Not anymore! Here is a list of websites that will help you find the perfect bridal shoe for the day you say “I do”: This website offers a large range of style […]

From the First Wedding Cake to Today’s Trending Wedding Desserts

September 10, 2016
macaron1Wedding cakes weren’t always what most of us envision to be the traditional tiered, white frosted cake, with a cake topper that resembles the newly wedded couple. The origins of what came to be the wedding cake date back to Ancient Rome, where a cake made of wheat or barley was smashed over the head […]