Finding Your Wedding Style

vineyard table settingIt’s busy season here at Charlotte’s and I see various brides who are very detail oriented and come to their appointment already knowing exactly what they want.  Then there are brides who are more laid back and are willing to try on anything and everything to find the right gown; they haven’t given much thought to what their gown will look like – other than that they want to look beautiful in it! In my experience, the most common problem a bride has in finding the perfect gown is not knowing the overall style of her wedding.  Brides become so focused on finding a venue, getting a caterer, making a guest list, etc, that they might easily forget about the big picture.  Having a style (not necessarily a “theme”) for your wedding can be a huge help when shopping for your wedding gown.

If you don’t think your wedding has a style or you’re having trouble coming up with one, think about what you have planned so far and the little details you’re envisioning (i.e. flowers, colors, centerpieces, food, etc.).  For example, if you’re picturing pale pink, gold and ivory for colors, lots of flowers and candlelight, the overall style of your wedding might be elegant and romantic.  Even if you don’t know anything about fabrics, shapes or details on a wedding gown, these little hints will point me – your consultant – in a direction so I can help you find a dress that will fit this style of wedding. :)

bride in wine cellarWebsites like Pinterest and the and online blogs are great sources to get ideas on how to create your wedding style.  I am a huge Pinterest fan, but there are tons of pins and it can also become overwhelming and confusing.  Try not to copy exactly what is shown, but use those pictures as inspiration to come up with your own ideas that fit you and your style.  I love when brides show me their Pinterest board of wedding gowns they like! There are a lot of terminologies and ways to describe a gown that can make things complicated or confusing (differing interpretations!), so pictures are a perfect way to verbalize to your consultant what you want.  You can also make a “board” on the Charlotte’s website and save pictures of gowns from our designers - if we don’t have the exact gown you pinned, we’ll have something very similar! 

 We want your appointment to find your wedding gown at Charlotte’s to be as easy and fun as possible!  Bring us your ideas and show us lots of pictures – even if it’s not exactly what you’re planning, we just want to get an idea of your style!  That way we can help you find the perfect dress that fits the style of the wedding you’re envisioning. :)

Happy Styling,