Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes!

his and her shoesLet the hunt begin! After finding the perfect dress this is an ideal time to start looking for long-anticipated wedding shoes! Most people I have talked with have given very little thought to what shoes they will wear, while others come in with shoes in hand and say, “now let’s match the dress!”

There are so many deciding factors when picking the perfect shoes for your wedding. How long is your dress ? How tall is your fiancé – do you want to be the same height in the wedding pictures? What kind of environment will you be walking in on the day of your wedding: is it an indoor ballroom with a hardwood or carpet floor, on a sandy beach or a grassy lawn? What time of the year will you be getting married? Comfort is always a good factor to consider… you’ll be wearing these shoes for the majority of the day, so some of you might not want a six inch stilletto!

If you would like a particular kind of shoe or height, it might be a good idea to find you shoes prior to your bridal appointment. When choosing your dress, some designers offer options to make a dress petite or to add length, in which case it would be helpful to have your shoes picked out. But if you’re not too picky, most brides find the perfect dress first and then choose shoes in time for their first fitting with the seamstress.

blue suede shoesWhen it comes to choosing your wedding day shoes, don’t be afraid to get creative!  We’ve seen some really fun and unique styles, and it’s a great way to add a little something different that reflects your personal style without taking away from your overall bridal look.

Here are some of the most popular wedding shoe styles we’ve seen for 2013:

1) Sparkle: We’ve seen shoes that are completely covered in rhinestones (for the over-the-top, glam bride) and shoes that have just a small, vintage-inspired brooch on the toe.  Adding a touch of sparkle to your feet can help indulge a desire for “bling” without making your bridal accessories feel too gaudy.

2) Blue: Everyone needs to incorporate their “something blue,” so why not wear a pair of blue shoes? You can pick any shade from cerulean to eggshell, making them as fun and playful or as simple and elegant as you want. Plus, you could definitely find an excuse to wear blue shoes again so maybe you could stretch that shoe budget a little! :)

3) Prints: A really fun way to be bold and unique is to have patterned shoes. You could do a subtle polka dot or a daring cheetah print! A pattern is a great way to incorporate all of your wedding colors to really tie everything together, or to show off your wild side a little bit!

cowboy boots4) Vintage Inspired: Every bride these days seems to want to have a rustic vintage wedding with a 1920′s theme. A cute pair of booties or elegant lace shoes work great to enhance this theme!  And your shoes don’t actually have to be vintage; there are so many vintage-inspired styles in stores now!

5) Texture: If you want to stick with a classic white, ivory or nude shoe, why not spice things up and add a little detail! Having ruffles or bows is a great way to do just that. We’ve seen so many styles of wedding shoes this season with lace, ruffles, flowers, and bows (etc.) to match details on the bride’s dress!

We sell a variety of wedding shoes at Charlotte’s Weddings from simple to sparkly, and all satin shoes we carry in the store can be dyed in-house any color you’d like!  If you want something a little less traditional you could always try shopping at DSW or your favorite department store. :)