Finding the Perfect Gown… For Your Wedding Vow Renewal!

519_main_detailCongratulations! You’ve been happily married for 10, 25, or maybe even 50 years and you would like to renew your vows.  I’m sure many questions are going through your mind and you are probably wondering what the proper attire for this special occasion is. Here are some ideas on what to wear for your vow renewal.

Honestly, there are no set rules and you are welcome to wear whatever you please.  Some women choose to wear their original wedding dress. If you are comfortable with this it is a very sentimental way to remember your wedding.  Most people, myself included agree that it’s probably a good idea to skip the veil and save those for the first time brides. Instead, try a beaded headpiece or maybe some flowers.

As far as color is concerned, anything goes! Just be sure to pick a color that compliments your skin tone. White is a perfectly acceptable color for a vow renewal; it symbolizes joy. What’s not joyous about a reaffirmation of love and devotion?

114919_017_Hero_mother_of_the_bride_dresses_2014Montage by Mon Cheri has several options that are perfect for a vow renewal. Their gowns are elegant and sophisticated and they’re appropriate for women of all ages.  They offer styles like structured dresses and jackets, pant suits, and romantic flowing dresses with lace sleeves and beaded details.

Another option would be to shop for a wedding gown that’s a different style than the one you had before.  For example, if you wore a ballgown at your wedding you could wear a mermaid style at the renewal, or if you had a simple lace gown the first time you could try something with more beading that’s a little more sexy.  You could choose a new theme this time as well.

If you’re planning on having a destination vow renewal or want a dress that is less formal I would suggest looking for a bridesmaid dress or a short wedding gown like the dresses in the Encore Collection by Watters.  You could choose a different color like a bright blue or pink, or stick to neutrals like ivory or champagne.

8424_main_detailA vow renewal is a special day and you should choose to wear something that you feel beautiful in. Choose a dress that your partner doesn’t expect and you are guaranteed to make their jaw drop, even after however many years you have been blissfully married. There are no set rules when it comes to a vow renewal dress so it’s really up to you.  Set up an appointment at Charlotte’s Weddings and your consultant will help you find the dress that’s perfect for you!