DIY Brides’ Top 10 Websites to Shop


Planning a DIY wedding can be a fun and creative process that gives your wedding a unique and personal touch. However, it can be daunting finding the perfect materials and items for the theme of your wedding. And when you do find the perfect materials, how do you know that you are getting the best deal for your buck? Here is a list of the top 10 websites that every budget bride should check out for their perfect DIY wedding:

The mother-of-all DIY websites. Etsy is a great start for first time DIY brides, as well as an old friend for the seasoned shopper. A treasure trove of personal and handmade items as well as supplies can be found here and a host of craftsmen, do it yourselfers, and artists.

Think of a kid in a candy shop equivalent for a DIY Queen and discount craft materials. Oodles of sales and deals with cool decor and materials geared toward weddings.

It is in the name. A great source to find adorable and trendy tape, stamps, packaging, and paper crafts. Perfect for favors and project ideas.

Two words: Stationery Heaven. The Paper Source Store offers a plethora of custom stationery, personalized gifts, and crafts. Perfect for brides who are making their own invitations. If you would prefer to shop in a store, there are two locations in Portland.

This website is a dream for the DIY bride. It allows you to search for products by color, which is important if you are following a color scheme, and offers templates and DIY ideas.

Wonderfully trendy wholesale warehouse. Because they manufacture the goods themselves, they are able to offer great and inexpensive prices.

Wholesaler for flowers. Perfect if you are interested in making your own arrangements and centerpieces. They offer express shipping and materials for DIY. Fifty Flowers also carries a selection of premade bouquets and styling tips for different themes.

Incredibly inexpensive table cloths and runners. A great alternative to renting, and they offer a host of colors to easily match any wedding.

An oldie, but a goodie. Amazon is an unexpectedly great source for buying inexpensive crafting materials. Anywhere from chalkboard signs to bulk orders of burlap, Amazon is a great go-to for any DIY project.

Tons of inexpensive items for decorating. They offer a large selection of paper lanterns, ceiling decorations, and even backgrounds for photobooths.