Decorating for Your Outdoor, Rustic Themed Wedding

A popular trend recently among brides getting married outdoors is the ”rustic-themed” wedding. These weddings are all over Pinterest right now!  These brides are wearing cowboy boots with their wedding gowns and having their bridesmaids do the same. Another fun idea is to have your reception in a barn – it may sound a little out there, but  it’s amazing how much you can change the look and feel of a barn with decorations!  Plus, there are so many barn locations in Oregon now that are specifically for special events.  I went to a rustic-themed wedding this summer and the decor was so well done.  In fact, the barn didn’t even feel like one with all of the beautiful decorations in it!

 Here are some creative decorating ideas to incorporate into your wedding:

water beadsFirst, to add some color and fun to your wedding décor, try water beads.  They don’t look like much to start out with – just a bunch of  little beads in a tube.  But when you pour them into a bowl and add water they grow! Within six hours you have fun colorful water beads.  They can be used in jars, in the bottom of a vase of flowers, or for a centerpiece on your table with a candle in them. The water beads come in just about every color and are very inexpensive at $1.50 to $3.00 a tube. You can purchase them at craft stores like Michael’s or online. This is such a fun and creative way to add your wedding colors to your decor for the ceremony and reception areas!        

 backdropAnother decorating idea that can really set your country wedding apart is a back drop.  The wedding I was at had a beautiful back drop that was handmade by the bride’s father and was made of all wood.  It was gorgeous! There were so many little details that really contributed to the rustic them: the pop of white in the painted doors, the rustic star, burlap aisle runners and hay bales.  I just loved these ideas and it was so special that it was handmade!

cutting the cakeHere is a picture of the bride and groom cutting their cake in the barn. Notice all of the décor! They added lights, draped some tulle fabric through the rafters to give it that romantic feel and even installed a mini chandelier for their special day, right above their cake table! They also added some white curtains near the doors of the barn and had disco lights, which made the barn feel like a ballroom and a place for guests to dance the night away.

These are of course just a few ideas you could use for your own outdoor wedding.  The little details are the ones you can really make your own – have fun with it!