Common Mistakes of Summer Brides

It is always good to be prepared and have everything planned out to a “T” for your wedding. Of course, it is always best to have a wedding planner to help you with everything so you are not stressing on your big day. However, we are human and we forget things. From my experience as a bridal consultant at Charlotte’s, I have kept in mind the things that bride’s have forgotten that they wish they would have done. I will mention the most common mistakes brides make, especially for a summer wedding.

The first mistake I have heard a lot about is putting the groom’s boutonniere on too early. The flowers wilt quickly due to the heat and lack of water. He will also be giving out hugs and embracing people, so the boutonniere will get smashed. Make sure you or your florist has some back up boutonnieres on hand. Also, instead of flowers why not do fresh fruit or beautiful succulents as centerpieces? They will last longer and stay fresh for a longer period of time. Jeri, owner of Bella Bloom Florals is great with being extra prepared for your special day. They are also one of our preferred vendors and treat brides very well.

local florest's flowers - Bella Blooms Florals

Next, the wedding booklets are great substitutes for fans during the ceremony but they can be a bit tacky. Why not show your guests that you thought about them and prepare each seat with a cute fan to cool off. Plus, they can be a great party favor too.

Thirdly, while we love the alcohol and open bars summer weddings could especially use some hydrating beverage choices as well. It is easy and the guests will be happy they don’t have to drink just booze. You can make an appealing beverage station with lemon ice water and iced tea, or whatever refreshing drinks that you prefer. Brides make sure YOU stay hydrated too! You will be much happier and will look much better in your pictures. Keeping a small tube of sunscreen will be helpful for a hot summer wedding day as well.

various colored folding hand-held fans

Living in Oregon, we know better than to think that it won’t rain even if it is summer. If your wedding is outside make sure the venue has a backup plan. If it does rain, have umbrellas for you and your guests. Hey, it could make for some pretty adorable pictures in the rain.

I have been to some summer weddings where the bride and groom have made “freshen-up” baskets. They are good for when it gets really warm and the guests get sweaty and they have something cool and damp to freshen up with. I have seen bathrooms stocked with mini deodorants, mouthwash, floss, Tylenol, hairspray, and more. This is a cute idea and helps keep your guests happy!

With all these tips, everyone will feel more comfortable at your wedding and you’ll be seen as the hero of the party. Happy wedding planning!