Capturing Your Wedding on Film: The Importance of a Wedding Videographer

I’ve been friends with Kiera and Josh Voelker for years. For much of that time they’ve been creative and professional wedding photographers/videographers in southern California. Recently, I asked Kiera what the most important pro’s and biggest mistakes of having a wedding videographer are. This was her response:

You heard your beloved vow to love you forever. Your best friends spent weeks writing the perfect toasts. Without a wedding video, those moments are gone forever. In fact, not getting these important memories on film is the #1 post-wedding regret.

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I thought wedding videos were a luxury expense. Then I got married, and nothing was more indispensable than that footage of my husband skipping half of his vows because he was crying so much. I thought wedding videos had to be long and boring and produced by a creepy old guy whose giant tripod trips your bridesmaids. Then I started making them.

Gone are the days when “wedding video” meant 2 hours of poorly lit backs of heads, title sequences with animated doves, and it turns out that the emotionally-driven editing I learned in film school is in high demand! Wedding films today defy every stereotype. Small, unobtrusive cameras deliver images worthy of Hollywood, and popular “short films” or “trailers” are easy to share and watch over and over.

Today there are wedding filmmakers in every style. The important thing is to find a filmmaker who connects with you. Watch a few films. Do you find yourself tearing up over people you don’t even know? Thinking “I hope our day is like that”? Listen to your heart and find someone you can trust with your precious memories.

Bonus: Your modern wedding film is portable! You can carry your memories on your phone or tablet and most filmmakers make their videos available online so that you can tweet and post your love to the ends of the earth!

A quality wedding film is the closest thing you’ll have to a time machine, capable of transporting you back to one of the most important days of your life. Just in case we never invent a real time machine, invest in video. Future You (and your future family) will thank you for it.

// Kiera Faye is half of Jakfoto Films, a wife-and-husband filmmaking team. They travel the world telling emotionally driven stories of life and love. //

So make sure you capture all of the priceless moments at your wedding and start looking for your wedding videographer today!  And for a Portland-area videographer check out Hybrid Moon Video Productions, one of Charlotte’s Weddings’ Preferred Wedding Vendors.