Buying a Wedding Gown “Off the Rack”

Charlotte’s Weddings’ annual Sample Sale is in full swing, so in light of that we thought we’d give you some tips on buying a wedding gown off the rack. :)

What does “Buying off the Rack” really mean? Here’s the deal: all of the wedding dresses at Charlotte’s Weddings (and most small boutique wedding shops), are sample gowns, which means they are try on pieces.  We have one (sometimes two at most!) sample of each gown for all brides to try on.  The sample gown will most likely not be in your exact size, but we as consultants can make the sample piece fit you as best we can with the tricks and tools that we have so that you can get an idea of how the gown will fit you in the right size.  Once you’ve found ”the dress,” we’ll order you the correct size and color and your dress will arrive anywhere from 3 to 6 months after we place the order, depending on the designer.  Of course not all brides have enough time to order a dress, so buying a sample gown off the rack would be a great option!

Each season our designers come out with new dresses and discontinue their older styles.  In order to make room for new inventory, we hold our sample sale each year!  We mark down discontinued styles or samples that have been in the store for a while.  That way we can make space for new gowns, while giving our brides an awesome deal!  There are pros and cons for buying a sample gown off the rack, so here’s a few tips on what to expect:

Pros for buying a sample gown off the rack

You can purchase the gown and take it home with you that same day!  This is a great advantage for those of you who are planning a wedding in just a few short months. :)

Sample gowns are usually discounted to account for the condition they are in: you can get an almost brand new gown for a small discount, or you can get an amazing deal on a designer wedding gown that just needs a little TLC from your seamstress!

A lot of the gowns in Charlotte’s sample sale are “retired” samples, which basically means that, for whatever reason, the gown wasn’t a “popular” style.  This means you could get a totally unique gown that’s probably in great condition because it was barely ever tried on!

Cons for buying a sample gown off the rack

The sample gowns are in “used” condition and are for sale AS IS – all sales are final.  While you will be getting a great deal on your wedding gown, keep in mind that there will be alterations needed and they could be a few hundred dollars more, depending on what kind of alterations are needed.  Also, these gowns have been tried on before so it’s likely they will need to be cleaned as well.

Buying a wedding gown off the rack is a great way to get a gown fast and get a great deal!  There are still a few days left, so stop by Charlotte’s today and check out our sample sale – no appointment necessary!