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Arriving for Your Bridal Appointment

July 29, 2014
woman running with clock in hand, LateYour appointment time is set for 12:30pm. When do you arrive? Normally, for any other appointment you would want to arrive early, for example 12:15. But the bridal world is a bit different. You don’t necessarily need to arrive early for your appointment. Let me explain. At Charlotte’s, we book bridal appointments in an hour […]

Unique, Creative and Handmade; a 21st Century Wedding

Bride and Groom Couple photo, white sheer cloth blowing in windOn June 1st of last year, I attended my first wedding in many years. The wedding I had been to before that I was a flower girl in. Oh how times have definitely changed in the wedding/bridal world. In today’s technologically advanced environment, we have the wonderful website/app Pinterest, and the online “pin board,” which […]

5 Items to Do After You Have Purchased Your Gown

June 30, 2014
hair pieceCongratulations, you’ve found “the one!” Your gown is on the way and you can hardly wait to try it back on.  Although you are ecstatic, I’m sure you have a few questions like: What do I need to do once my dress arrives?  No need to fret, below are five essential items to add to […]

Kiddos Kiddos Kiddos

June 16, 2014
kids-coloring-playtime-educational-toys-300x198One of the most fantastic parts of life, in my opinion is having kids.  They are so much fun to play with and take to the park or zoo.  But when it comes to bridal appointments, sometimes leaving the kiddos at home might be something you want to consider.  Now don’t get me wrong, I […]

Buying a Wedding Gown “Off the Rack”

August 16, 2013
photo2Charlotte’s Weddings’ annual Sample Sale is in full swing, so in light of that we thought we’d give you some tips on buying a wedding gown off the rack. What does “Buying off the Rack” really mean? Here’s the deal: all of the wedding dresses at Charlotte’s Weddings (and most small boutique wedding shops), are sample gowns, which means […]

Trends in 2013 Weddings

January 31, 2013
mint wedding2013 is underway, and with a new year comes new trends in weddings! We at Charlotte’s are here to help you stay current on all of the sweetest trends, coolest ideas, and most innovative styles coming out in the next months. We’ve scoured the bridal markets, magazines and blogs to bring you the most exciting […]