Arriving for Your Bridal Appointment

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Your appointment time is set for 12:30pm. When do you arrive? Normally, for any other appointment you would want to arrive early, for example 12:15. But the bridal world is a bit different. You don’t necessarily need to arrive early for your appointment. Let me explain.

At Charlotte’s, we book bridal appointments in an hour and a half time slots. So when you make a bridal appointment, you have an hour and a half in your own private room with your own consultant to work with you.

When the next appointment arrives, there are people at the front of the store that check you in and go tell the consultant that her next bride is here. Sometimes when the bride arrives incredibly early, it can be a bit of a wait for your consultant because she will be finishing up with her previous bride.

One of the things we like to do at Charlotte’s is make sure each bride has a decent amount of time to choose her wedding dress without feeling rushed. In the same way as consultants, we don’t want to rush any bride out when her appointment time isn’t quite up yet.

So, when should you arrive for your bridal appointment? As close to the start time as possible. Usually we expect brides to arrive around five minutes prior to the start of their appointment.

On the other side, arriving late is something that you will want to be aware of. Yes, we understand that there are situations out of your control that force you to be late. Always give us a call to let us know so we can plan accordingly. As consultants, we have everything in the appointment timed out so the bride can have the full experience of shopping for her dream wedding dress. To get the full experience, if you are going to be more than 30 minutes late to the appointment, I would suggest rescheduling. Since we book in hour and a half time slots, arriving late cuts into your appointment time. If you have less than an hour (30 minutes late) it is typically more beneficial for you to reschedule.

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You are always more than welcome to call us if you have questions or want to know how the bridal appointments work. Contact Charlotte’s today and we will set you up with your full hour and a half appointment to find your dream wedding dress!