All About Bridesmaids!!!

It’s that time of year again!  Most of you summer brides have found your wedding gowns and now it’s time to move on to bridesmaids.  Sometimes it can be even more challenging to find the perfect bridesmaids dress because it seems like there are hundreds of different options for colors and styles, and you have to find something that all 3-12 of your girls like and feel comfortable in!  But fear not!  At Charlotte’s we can help you through the process of selecting and ordering the perfect bridesmaids dresses that will compliment your wedding dress, be appropriate and fitting to the style of your wedding, and that (hopefully) all of your bridesmaids will love!  Here are a few tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible:

  1. Do some research! First, what are the trends?  What are the most popular styles and colors for the season of your wedding?  What is the price point that you and your bridesmaids are comfortable with (are you working their dresses into your budget, or will the girls be paying for the dresses themselves)?  Do you get a discount on bridesmaid dresses from the store you bought your wedding gown from (if you got your dress at Charlotte’s, the answer is YES!)?  You can do a lot of this research online.  Pinterest is of course a great resource for ideas on trends and we have all of our designers’ bridesmaid collections on our website so you can start getting ideas.  Once you’ve found a style, designer, color, etc. that you like, give us a call!  We’ll tell you if we have specific styles in stock and give you an idea of price point. Or if you’d like to do some browsing the “old fashioned way,” stop by Charlotte’s today and check out our selection. :)
  2. Consult your bridesmaids! Once you have an idea of the direction you want to go in, start talking to your girls!  Show thempictures and color swatches and bring them in to the store so they can start trying dresses on!  Do you want all the girls to wear the same dress or are you okay with them choosing different styles that they’re comfortable in?  Do you want them all in the same color or everyone in a different shade?
  3. Make a decision and place your order! Remember, you’re still the bride so you get to make all the final decisions!  Once you’ve decided on the dress and color (or dresses and colors – plural!), it’s time to take measurements and choose sizes for the girls.  There are two ways to go about this at Charlotte’s Weddings.  The first is to come into the store, get measured by one of our consultants, talk over sizing, fill out the bridesmaid agreement and pay your deposit.  This is the preferred method because our consultants are experienced and can help your bridesmaids make the best decision regarding size that will hopefully save them a little money in alterations down the road…  But we do understand that this option isn’t plausible for everyone, especially those out of town bridesmaids.  So the second option is to get measurements taken (hopefully at a professional bridal salon nearby, but we do have a tutorial on how to take your own measurements), refer to the designer’s size chart online and choose a size, fill out the online bridesmaid agreement and call in your deposit.  Once all of the bridesmaids have filled out bridesmaid agreements and paid their deposits we will place the order.  We like to order all of the bridesmaid dresses at the same time so they’re coming from the same dye lot and they’ll arrive at the same time. :)

We do not require appointments for bridesmaids at Charlotte’s Weddings.  You can stop by the shop anytime to start getting ideas, do some research, and to have your girls try dresses on.  We always have consultants at the front desk that can assist with any questions you might have, to help you choose styles and colors, take measurements and help with your order.

Saturday, March 30th is Bridesmaids Day! This is the only day of the year that we do offer bridesmaid appointments (for those of you who want a little extra one on one time with a bridesmaid consultant) and a special offer on all bridesmaid dresses!  For more information and to schedule an appointment today, visit our Specials and Events page. :)

We’re here to assist in your wedding planning every step of the way.  So get started on bridesmaids today!  We’ll help you find the perfect dresses to complete your bridal party attire!