Advantages of Having a Winter Wedding

Most couples want to get married in the summer when it’s sunny and you can have an outdoor wedding. Being in Oregon it’s never a guarantee that you will have sunshine, even in the summer!  But you have a little bit higher of a chance in late July, August and early September, which is the height of wedding season. So why not try something different and have a winter wedding?

Here are some advantages to having a winter wedding:

1) The cost for a venue is substantially less money. If you are a budget conscious bride then the winter might be the way to go! Everything is less money in winter: catering, venue, DJ,florist, hair and makeup, etc. Since winter is considered the “off season,” wedding vendors usually offer better deals to keep business coming in.
2) You can choose whatever date you want and it will be open most everywhere! In the summer you have to book early or you might not be able to get your top choices; you can’t be picky! Some popular winter venues – like the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood – do fill up fast, but the winter months are still not in as high of demand as the summer!
3) There are so many fun and unique decoration ideas that you can use for winter-themed weddings! You can go classic and elegant with red roses and all black and white. You can have fun using fur muffs and embrace the winter cold.
4) You get more RSVP’s. Because most couples tend to gravitate to the summer months for their weddings, peoples’ calendars fill up fast! In the winter it is more likely your guests will have the weekend open and will be able to make it. So instead of the usual 20% declined invites you can expect closer to 10%.
5) There are usually trunk shows and sales in the fall/summer months, making it a perfect time to buy your dress! Also, seamstresses aren’t as busy and can spend more time making your dress perfect and everything you dreamed it would be. In the summer you might have a harder time getting appointments fast and close together. There are also quite a few bridal shows in the summer and fall for you to get ideas on decorations and vendors. You can always check our website for all of our upcoming events and shows!
So if you are interested in saving some money and want a very elegant or unique wedding, the winter is the way to go.  And most honeymoon destinations have the perfect weather for tourists in the winter months!
Happy Planning!