A Bachelorette Party for the Not-So-Wild Bride

A bachelorette party is the perfect way to let loose and have a ton of fun before the wedding! Racing from bar to bar in scanty clothes can be a silly and great way to go a little crazy before the big day, but not every bride is interested in dancing on tables or going out to the bars. Here are a few ideas for our best gal pals who may prefer keeping things more calm. Remember who’s party this is! If you are a wild child it may be hard to believe that your bride’s idea of going crazy is watching a whole season of Downton Abbey and downing more ice cream than a single cow can produce, but if you’d rather not go into a sugar induced coma there are plenty of other ways to keep things fun and mild. :)

First, make a list of everything the bride likes from snacks and drinks to favorite celebs and hobbies. Then, go through your list and see what options come to mind. Do her fingernails always shine brighter than her new diamond? Treat her (and yourself!) to a spa weekend! Many spas here in Portland have bridal party packages and are just waiting to pamper you to the max. Is your bride a huge sports fan? Perhaps a Timbers game is in order. Is she a nature buff? Get out of town for a girls camping weekend! Clearly there are a ton of options that don’t involved getting wasted or DO involve getting wasted, just not at a bar :) Hey, don’t stop there! Head back home for more party magic. If your bride likes to be a little daring, why not throw her a lingerie party? Everyone brings the bride a piece of lingerie or other goodies to enjoy on her honeymoon, sit around, drink and giggle more than you did in middle school. Then end the night with a retro slumber party! Paint each others nails, do your hair and watch old movies from the 80s and 90s. Can you say 10 Things I Hate About You? In the morning, top it all off with blueberry and/or chocolate chip pancakes and call it a day.

There are so many ways to enjoy yourself while keeping in mind the bride’s personal taste and preferences. With a little bit of creativity you can throw the perfect bachelorette party that you and everyone else, especially the bride, will love!

Emily Rose