5 Items to Do After You Have Purchased Your Gown

Congratulations, you’ve found “the one!” Your gown is on the way and you can hardly wait to try it back on.  Although you are ecstatic, I’m sure you have a few questions like: What do I need to do once my
dress arrives?  No need to fret, below are five essential items to add to your check list now that you have found your gown.

1- Inspect the gown

Once your gown arrives at the shop you will want to make sure the style, size and color are all correct.
Here at Charlotte’s, we will call you and schedule an hour long “pick-up” appointment as soon as your gown arrives at the store.  A consultant will help you into your new gown, show you accessories and any necessary undergarments you may need for your first fitting.

2- Find a good hiding place

You wouldn’t want your fiancé to accidentally discover your gown, so it important to find a secure a place to hide it.  A good place to start is a spacious closet away from pets, children and cigarette smoke. Storing your gown in a breathable garment bag is also a good idea.  At Charlotte’s you get a complimentary pink garment bag to store your gown in that will work great to store your gown in.

bridal photo

3- Get in touch with a seamstress

Most gowns will need some sort of alterations, in order for your gown to fit you flawlessly.  A good time to call a seamstress would be when you have confirmation of the arrival date of your gown. At Charlotte’s we call you within ten business days once we have heard back from the designer of your gown with a confirmation date.  Charlotte’s has a list of seamstresses in the area that we recommend but if you live out of town you could call your local bridal shop and ask who they would recommend. Of course when you go in for your fitting it is very important that you don’t forget to bring the shoes and undergarments you will wear on your big day!


4- Order Bridesmaids Dresses

Now that you have your gown it will be easy to pick a bridesmaid dress that flatters the style of your
gown.  Keep in mind that it will take around three to four months for bridesmaid’s dresses to come in.  It is a good idea to allow four to six weeks for alterations before your wedding so your bridesmaids can be sure their dress fits them nicely.  Be careful when purchasing gowns online because not all websites can be reliable.  Suspiciously low prices can be a big red flag.  You also want to make sure that the website is an authorized retailer of that designer.

We recommend having a trained professional do the measuring of your bridesmaids. Measurements are similar to bridal in that they are different than our normal, everyday sizing.  At Charlotte’s, we can help you find the most flattering style and best size for each of them.  We also assist you in coordinating colors, shapes and fabrics.  We strive to make you and your bridesmaids happy and comfortable on your wedding day.


Have fun with accessories!  Charlotte’s bridal consultants are trained to help you accessorize your perfect gown.  We would love to help you complete your look with jewelry, shoes, a sash and/or a veil!  Don’t be afraid to try on a variety of accessories.  There is no such thing as too much, especially on your wedding day. But if you want to go for a classier, elegant look you will want to tone down accessories to the amount you feel comfortable with.  A veil or headpiece is definitely a way to complete the look and they will never go out of style.  Find a veil that compliments the gown, but also expresses your personality.  Again, don’t be afraid to accessorize!

Now, you have completed your checklist on time and without stress.  It is time to get married and enjoy your big day!

Best Wishes,