15 Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The wedding guest book is one of the smaller details of your wedding, but it can also be one of the most creative and memorable keepsakes!   Sure, the guest book keeps track of everyone who came to the wedding and they get to say a little something to the bride and groom, but instead of just writing in a book why not have some fun and do something unique and special?  Thanks to Pinterest and my wedding experience, I have came across some really great and unique ideas for guest books. wedding-guest-book-ideas-creative-reception_original

1.  This past summer at my best friend’s wedding she had a table full of old, random postcards that the guests could write a note on the back of and then sign.  There was also an old, vintage door that was painted and people could sign as well.

2.   I have been to a lot of “woodsy” themed weddings and it can be hard to think of something different than the traditional write-on-a-card or in a book.  An idea that I’ve come across a lot lately is having the guests write a message to the couple on a smooth rock and then putting the rocks in a vase.

3.   For the wine connoisseur couple, have your guests sign used wine corks.  Afterwards you can create a design (like a heart) with the corks and then have it framed.  It can hang in your house for everyone to see.wine corks

4.   Both you and your fiancé could choose your favorite childhood book and have guests sign their best wishes on a page of their choice.

5.   Another good option to use at any type of wedding is writing a message on coasters. They are something you can use and keep for years to come.

6.   At a different wedding, I saw guests sign old vinyl records with the couple’s engagement pictures in the middle.

7.   For the musicians who want to showcase their love for music, having a guitar for everyone to sign will be sure to grab attention.

8.   To show a fun side of the bride and groom, you can set up a prop table and have guests pick a prop, take a polaroid picture, then add it to the guest book and sign.

9.   A hot new trend for a nontraditional guestbook is to write a note or tip to the couple on a piece of wood.

10. An audio guest book is definitely different and unique.  Instead of writing best wishes, the guests can record their congratulations to the bride and groom in a more personal way.

11. Signed madlibs are a hilarious way to get the guests involved!guest book frame

12. A signed picture frame with a photo of the couple in the center can be an easy and efficient way to do a guest book.

13. For vintage-themed weddings,  signing a piece of a quilt keeps the theme alive and interesting.

14.  A lot of couples are doing a thumbprint tree, which entails sticking your thumb in ink and placing it on a branch on the tree.  But make sure you have a hand-washing spot nearby!  It’s pretty amazing to see the tree grow as each guest places their thumb print on the tree and then you have a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home.

15. Again for the couple who loves wine, empty or even full wine bottles are perfect for signing.  A black pen probably wont show up, but if you have a silver or gold Sharpie, it should do the trick nicely.  You’ll have a full wine cellar at home and then as you empty the bottles they could be a great decorative piece for the home.