Add Something Green to Your Something Blue

10 Websites for the Modern Ec0-Friendly Bride repeatroses

For those brides out there who are constantly looking for ways to have an eco-friendly life, here are 10 great sites to help you have an eco-friendly wedding as well. From recyclable decorations, eco-friendly vendors, and even a green honeymoon, these websites will be your best friend in making your wedding a “green” one.


Weddings and the receptions that follow can leave a lot of waste at the end of the event: odd ball champagne bottles, glasses, and cast-off decorations. Earth911 allows you to find local recycle centers, as well as schedule recycle pick-ups at the end of your event. The site even offers a phone app to search for centers who will take the more obscure recyclable items. Great for everyday life too!


This website is your one-stop shop for all of your wedding needs, from invitations, green hotels, great ideas and vendors for an eco-friendly wedding or reception. You will not have to compromise your vision for your wedding, or the environment.


This site offers a great Carbon Foot Print Calculator to determine the emissions your wedding will make. This includes flights, car trips, and the like that will be made for guests to make it to your wedding. The site also offers you a great way to contribute to offset your emissions by donating to projects for anti-emissions. The site also offers a green store with rechargeable batteries and green alternatives.


I have recommended this site several times to my brides, because it is the swiss-army knife of online wedding planning. It is on this list this time because the site offers a great green customization in your wedding planning. Discover green-friendly decorating, vendors, and flower alternatives.


Family owned and operated eco-conscious paper mill. The family uses old-fashioned paper pressing techniques with unique intricate floral designs. Beautiful craftsmanship for invitations and announcements.


Great source for all things bridal and green. Has access to green vendors and materials. Best feature is the Green Registry for couples to register for eco-friendly items for their home and their guests to visit and buy online.


The website offers a world-wide search for eco-friendly hotels. Great for booking rooms for your wedding guests or for planning your honeymoon. Offers a comprehensive search of your desired location as well as reviews from other wedded couples.


A great option to go paperless all together with this website. They offer realistic electronic save-the-dates and invitations in a beautiful format. The company strives to have all brides go paperless in order to save trees, time and money.  A percentage of their earnings even go to Mountains to Sound, a non-profit that maintains forests. Save trees and money with this great site.


A wonderful company that reuses floral arrangements from other events. The company collects arrangements, performs quality measures, refrigerates, and delivers to you. Or you can even contact the company to reuse your flowers after your wedding so they can be used elsewhere. This company also gives back to the community by giving reused arrangements to patients, community centers, as well as senior homes.  A great way to get flowers at a great price, or save them from being wasted.


This great site allows you to replace your registry and have your guests donate to a charity of your choice. This allows you to limit the use of wrapping paper, emissions made while gifts are delivered, and other non-environment friendly side effects. Also, this is a great chance to contribute and help wonderful organizations who work every day to limit carbon emissions, pollution, and deforesting.

Hopefully these sites will make planning for a green wedding easy. Or at least help your wedding be as green as possible. Happy Planning!

Stephanie, Bridal Consultant