Purchase your wedding gown now and pay for it later. Charlotte’s Weddings & More now offers 6-month financing on pre-approved credit.


Get pre-qualified before coming to your appointment:
Get 6-months same as cash no interest financing
Must have a minimum $1000 purchase

Why should you finance?

  • It would be less interest than charging it on your credit card.
  • You can afford to finance your gown, accessories, bridesmaids, steam and press and preservation all at once.
  • Less stress to make monthly payments instead of paying all up front.
  • Don’t be stressed about your budget.
  • Once approved come into Charlotte’s Weddings & More and we’ll finish your approval during your appointment.
  • Approval lasts for 30 days.
  • Sign up for automatic payments and get the following:
    • .5% reduction in annual rate
    • No transaction fees (paying by phone or online could cost an additional $10-15)
    • Bring your bank information with you to get enrolled online during your approval process

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